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30 September 2015 Views 612
Huge investment and expansion confirms Fairburn’s commitment to free range producers

Fast growing egg producer and packer L J Fairburn & Son is continuing to press ahead with huge i...

24 September 2015 Views 597
Wake up to Eggs with Bacon

Nobody knows eggs better than Bacon, Kevin Bacon. Find out what Bacon knows by watching this web fil...

9 September 2015 Views 799
Bitteswell Farms

Leicestershire producer and packer Bitteswell Farms is hoping that investment in a brand new packing...

2 December 2014 Views 1132
BFREPA Conference 2014 Closing Remarks

BFREPA Conference 2014 closing remarks from Chairman Myles Thomas

2 December 2014 Views 930
BFREPA Conference 2014 Opening Remarks

BFREPA Conference 2014 opening remarks from new BFREPA Chairman Myles Thomas, and ForFarmers Sales D...

1 December 2014 Views 1108
Alastair Johnston - Minster Vets

Alastair Johnston from Minster Vets presents his paper on "Meeting the challenges of Free Range...

1 December 2014 Views 1025
Philip Twizell - Producer Speaker

Philip Twizell outlines his on-farm work as this years Producer Speaker at the BFREPA Conference and...

28 November 2014 Views 1170
Kelly Watson - J Sainsburys PLC

Kelly Watson from J Sainsbury's PLC presents her paper to the BFREPA Conference 2014

28 November 2014 Views 1030
BFREPA Awards 2014

BFREPA Awards 2014

21 August 2014 Views 1197
JSR Services Vending Machine Demo Video

Demonstration video for JSR's multi purpose vending machine. They are the sole distributors for ...

18 August 2014 Views 1090
The story of McDonald’s free-range eggs

Over fifteen years ago, McDonalds made the switch to using free-range eggs across their breakfast me...

22 April 2014 Views 1252
New multi-tier system on show at Vencomatic open day

Birds housed in a new multi-tier system have been achieving improved feed conversion rates since the...

25 November 2013 Views 1058
BEIC Chairman Andrew Joret speaks at the 2013 BFREPA Conference

BEIC Chairman Andrew Joret speaks at the 2013 BFREPA Conference

25 November 2013 Views 1919
Dr Laura Dixon: Beak Trimming Update at BFREPA Conference 2013

Dr Laura Dixon from SRUC presents her beak trimming update at the 2013 BFEPA Conference.

25 November 2013 Views 1170
Mike Wilkinson: Producer Speaker at BFREPA Conference 2013

Mike Wilkinson presents his thoughts on the benefits of multi-tier over traditional rearing at the B...

22 November 2013 Views 1881
Robert Gooch Presentation to BFREPA Conference 2013

Robert Gooch is the Director of Policy at BFREPA and presented a paper on what membership of BFREPA ...

21 November 2013 Views 1114
BFREPA Best Trade Exhibitor 2013

The BFREPA Conference Best Trade Stand Exhibitor went to Noble Foods and was presented by David Tric...

21 November 2013 Views 1116
BFREPA Breakthrough of the Year Award

Breakthrough of the Year Award


The Tom Barron Group for introducing a new breed to th...

21 November 2013 Views 1118
Quality Egg Competition 2013

BFREPA have a competition at the BFREPA Conference each year to select the best tray of eggs.


21 November 2013 Views 1142
BFREPA 2013 Calendar Competition Winner 2013

Calendar photographic competition winner – sponsored by Fridays Ltd

Award goes to Daniel ...

21 November 2013 Views 1887
BFREPA Free Range Egg Awards 2013

Coverage of the BFREPA 2013 Free Range Awards which were presented and sponsored by Nick Bailey Mana...

12 November 2013 Views 2446
A Day In The Life of a Free Range Hen

A day in the life of a free range hen, from getting up in the morning, to laying her egg to scratchi...

6 November 2013 Views 1831
Make sure you only buy UK Organic and Free Range Eggs

Do you know what the code on your egg means? This short animated clip explains what the code on your...

6 November 2013 Views 1507
The Happy Egg Co.

The Happy Egg Co. latest TV advert