The Free Range Egg Producers Costing Portal


Organic Cost of Production - July 2020

A 1% reduction in the price of organic feed has been applied this month which is equivalent to just over £4 per tonne. As a result, the average feed price now stands at just over £437 per tonne or £24.23 per bird.

Further small reductions in pullet prices have been reported this month and as a result, the average price has reduced to £5.62 per bird. Overall, the average cost of production has reduced by 26 pence and now stands at £44.90 per bird for a 60 week laying cycle, as it was two months ago.

£ per bird

Feed 24.23

Pullet 5.62

Labour 5.50

Electricity 0.33

Repairs and maintenance 0.28

Litter 0.10

Land rental 0.34

Range management 0.13

Water 0.09

Dead bird disposal 0.06

Insurance 0.19

Veterinary and animal health 0.19

Pest and vermin control 0.05

House clean down 0.62

Vehicle and fuel 0.06

Phone/Office 0.10

Bank charges and accountancy 0.23

Egg printing consumables 0.04

Disinfectants and others 0.13

Depreciation and interest charges – buildings and equipment 6.59

TOTAL 44.90

Average Organic Egg Price

The average egg price has been increased by one penny to £1.60 per dozen.


Production costs are based on a 3,000 bird flock producing organic eggs in static housing, purchasing pullets at 16 weeks of age. Costs will differ for smaller flocks, mobile housing and for farms rearing their own replacement pullets.