The Free Range Egg Producers Costing Portal


Free Range Cost of Production - June 2020

The average cost of production has been reviewed based on prices in the third week of May. There has been comparatively little movement in compound feed prices over the last month.

Whilst some price increases have been reported, the general trend is slightly downward. The overall effect is a 0.5% feed price reduction this month and the new average is £256.66 per tonne.

This is equivalent to £13.80 per bird, based on an average feed intake of 128g per bird.

There have been some small changes in pullet prices this month, resulting in less variation between individual quotes. As a result, the average has been retained at £4.15 per bird. The end-of-lay hen price remains unchanged at 5 pence per bird.

Following all changes made to the figures this month, the average cost of production for free range now stands at £27.91 per bird inclusive of depreciation and interest.

Average Free Range Egg Price

After a small price rise last month, some further increases have been confirmed by mid-May. As a result, the average price has increased from 83.9 to 85.5 pence per dozen for average performance. The average for ‘high performance’ flocks is now 86.3 pence per dozen, based on an assumed 1% reduction in seconds compared to ‘average’ flocks.