The Free Range Egg Producers Costing Portal


Feed and Egg Price Tracking Information for July 2020

This calculation shows what the current egg price would need to be in order to retain the same ‘feed cost per dozen eggs’ as was reported in March 2015.

At that time, the egg price was 93.4p per dozen, whilst the compound feed price was £223.40 per tonne. Now assuming average production of 330 eggs (27.5 dozen) per bird to 76 weeks, this is equivalent to £25.69 per bird. The average compound feed price is now £256.50 per tonne.

On this basis, we calculate the following:-

• Feed price has increased by £33.10 per tonne since March 2015;

• For birds eating an average of 128 grams per day, this feed price increase costs £1.78 per bird (16-76 weeks of age);

• Compared to baseline, the status quo would be maintained if the value of eggs increased from the baseline of £25.69 per bird to £27.47 i.e. an increase of £1.78 per bird;

• Assuming 330 eggs per bird at present (27.5 dozen): 27.47/27.5 = £1.00 per dozen;

• Conclusion - the status quo would be retained compared to the March 2015 ‘baseline’, if the average egg price was £1.00 per dozen at present.