The Free Range Egg Producers Costing Portal


Changes to figures and budgets

Whilst we review volatile and important cost items such as feed and pullets on a monthly basis, we also undertake reviews of our flock performance assumptions and all other costs from time to time. These cost reviews include less variable and smaller items such as electricity, labour, water, veterinary and capital costs.

At the start of 2020, we have reviewed the flock performance assumptions upon which the budget figures are based. To do this, we speak to a number of people in the free range and organic sectors who have involvement with many different flocks e.g. agricultural managers and field staff. We use their views to build a consensus of what is currently typical for key items such as the number of eggs per bird, feed intake, average egg weight and percentage seconds.

On the basis of these recent discussions, our current assumptions for free range are set out below, together with a comparison with the figures that have previously been used.

For organic production, our current and previous figures are below: