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World News: Egypt
Egypt | 25 November 2015
Egypt to procure poultry locally following industry pressure

Egypt will stick with buying its poultry domestically, turning its back completely on international tenders and bowing to pressure from its local producers, traders said on Monday. The ministry of ...

Egypt | 2 June 2015
Poultry prices soar in Egypt

Poultry prices continue to hike in the local market for the second week in a row, a few days ahead of Ramadan, to increase by about 3 EGP ($0.40) for a kilo, Youm7 reported Sunday. It is expected f...

Egypt | 30 April 2015
Egypt struggles to cope with bird flu

The high number of reported bird flu cases in Egypt does not bode well, as the government is apparently falling short in efforts to contain the crisis. Egypt has the highest number of cases of the mos...

Egypt | 17 February 2015
Egypt’s 2015 bird flu death toll rises to 11

A 35 year-old man died of H5N1 avian flu in Cairo Thursday, marking the 11th death in the country from the disease in 2015, the Health Ministry announced Friday. Three new cases have also been dis...