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World News: Ukraine
Ukraine | 20 October 2015
Weak Ukrainian currency boosts chicken sales

Why do chickens like strong currencies? Ukraine's largest poultry producer, MHP, has enjoyed a boost in sales off the back of the heavy depreciation in the Ukrainian currency, writes Joel Lewin.

Ukraine | 14 September 2015
Dutch banks invest in massive Ukraine poultry farm

Dutch banks have invested millions of euros in a massive chicken farm in Ukraine which is competing with Dutch poultry farms, the Volkskrant reports on Monday. The Ukraine farm, Myronivsky Hluboproduc...

Ukraine | 26 March 2015
Decorating Ukrainian Pysanky Easter eggs

If Ukrainian legend is to be believed, the fate of the world lies in the hands of those who continue the tradition of creating Pysanky Easter eggs. According to the legend, there lives a chained monst...