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World News: Mexico
Mexico | 26 June 2015
Latin America’s most profitable poultry firm seen as winner

The poultry producer with the biggest increase in profit this year in Latin America is being undervalued in the Mexican stock market, leading many analysts to call the company a winner for shareholder...

Mexico | 22 April 2015
Mexico bans poultry, egg imports from bird flu-hit Iowa

Mexico, the biggest buyer of U.S. chicken, has halted imports of live birds and eggs from the U.S. state of Iowa due to an outbreak of deadly bird flu there, the Mexican government said on Tuesday. ...

Mexico | 25 March 2015
Mexico easing U.S. poultry ban shows ebbing threat of flu

Mexico’s move to start allowing some imports of American chicken and turkey from states with commercial bird-flu cases signals that the disease’s threat to U.S. poultry exports is starting to subside....