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World News: Japan
Japan | 7 December 2015
Local poultry execs warm up to Japan

A Japanese diplomat and executives from Delmarva’s poultry producing companies met Friday, talking up the region’s chances to increase chicken exports to Japan if the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal wi...

Japan | 17 September 2015
Plans hatched to introduce white-on-white eggs to Japan

Eggs with whitish yolks, laid by hens fed with Japanese rice, are attracting attention in Japan amid growing public consciousness about food safety and the government’s efforts to boost rice productio...

Japan | 16 July 2015
Commissaries in Japan to see chicken, poultry shortage

Commissary customers in Japan can expect to see shortages of chicken and other poultry products prompted by an avian flu outbreak in the United States, the Defense Commissary Agency said this week. ...

Japan | 14 May 2015
12 eggs, 24 yolks? Woman in Japan receives batch of extraordinary eggs

Japan has a sort of tradition in which parents will often give or send foodstuffs to their adult children. This is especially common if the parents live in the countryside and the child has moved to t...

Japan | 3 March 2015
Japan has eggs that smell and taste like fruit

If you love eggs and love fruit, you might want to think about moving to Japan. The yuzutama egg looks just like a normal egg, but smells and tastes like the yuzu citrus fruit, RocketNews24 reporte...