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World News: Israel
Israel | 25 November 2015
Israel to export poultry products to Russia

While the European Union has decided to label Israeli goods generated in settlements, Russia will be “opening its doors” to importing Israeli poultry products, the Agriculture Ministry said on Monday....

Israel | 1 October 2015
Prices on tomatoes, poultry spike amid holiday shortages

Shortages have led to a sharp spike in prices for tomatoes and poultry, with wholesale tomato costs more than tripling in two months. According to Globes, wholesale tomato prices reached some NIS 1...

Israel | 21 July 2015
Evidence that world poultry industry began in Israel

Archaeologists from Haifa University have uncovered evidence for the earliest known industrial use of chickens for meat and eggs in the Lachish district. This would mean that poultry farming originate...

Israel | 8 July 2015
Agriculture Minister shuts down Soglowek poultry slaughterhouse

Following a Channel 10 undercover investigation of a Soglowek poultry slaughterhouse, Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel immediately decided to shut down operations at the facility Monday night due to ani...

Israel | 6 July 2015
Giant PA egg smuggling ring busted

The Judea and Samaria District police revealed on Monday that a covert investigation that had been ongoing for several months has busted a smuggling ring, which had been running uncertified chicken eg...