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Poultry housing order welcomed by egg industry

19 December 2016| Views 613

The poultry housing order could prove problematic for many free range producers according to Sara Perez of Poultry Health Services.

Earlier this month the Government declared an Avian Influenza Prevention Zone requiring that all poultry must be kept indoors, or otherwise kept separate from wild birds.

High path H5N8 has been found in wild birds in countries across mainland Europe. With many species of birds migrating at this time of year the move was described as vital in order to prevent an outbreak in the UK.

For birds that are used to being out on the range, this housing order could create a variety of issues. Producers could see a drop in egg production, respiratory problems, pecking and even mortality. Speaking about how producers could try to avoid this, Sara said that enrichment, ensuring good ventilation and increasing the number of checks on birds were all good measures.