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Dr Vicky Sandilands of SRUC on the issue of keel bone damage

4 July 2017| Views 329

A leading poultry scientist spoke about the issue of keel bone damage at a seminar organised by the British Free Range Egg producers' Association (BFREPA).

Dr Vicky Sandilands of SRUC in Scotland was speaking at the 2017 BFREPA Sustainability Seminar, which was held at the farm of television farmer Adam Henson near Cheltenham. The event was attended by BFREPA sponsors, whose support has helped to fund a number of research programmes since the sponsorship scheme was launched in 2014. Some of that research has been conducted by Dr Sandilands.

The SRUC scientist spoke about keel bone damage - something that has aroused debate in the industry again recently following the decision by Freedom Food to insist on the fitting of aerial perches in flat deck layer houses. Some experts suggest that retro-fitting aerial perches increases the incidence of keel bone damage.

Dr Sandilands explained the issues surrounding keel bone injuries in layers and talked about the research being carried out into the subject.