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12 January 2018

Research into RSPCA’s perching standards

The decision on a research application considering the welfare impact of the RSPCA’s new perching standards for flat deck sheds will be made on 14 February. Supported by BFREPA, the research application has been put together by Professor John Tarlton of the University of Bristol to the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council.
If successful it is hoped that we can start recruiting farms for the study in March which we would expect to begin hitting the first (32 week) assessment period in June/July. So any farms that had placed the birds from the early March (16 weeks before the 1st assessment) until 31st July (after which aerial perches would need to be fitted) would be eligible. We would need 16 sheds that have not fitted the new perches, but plan to in the following cycle, and split between those that have single-tier and multi-tier rearing. Please contact me if you are interested in taking part.
Negative impacts on keel bone scores from the first assessment would be reported to the RSPCA and the industry in advance of the proposed implementation date for flocks placed after 1 August.