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23 April 2018

Housing system research results announced at Pig and Poultry seminar

BFREPA has organised a seminar at the Pig and Poultry Fair which will share the results of a 2 year study on the economics and welfare of different free range housing systems. There will be two presentations, one from Vicky Sandilands (SRUC) on welfare findings and one from Jason Gittins (ADAS) on the economic outcomes. Jason will also share the results of research that BFREPA has commissioned on the future of different egg production systems following retailers’ ‘cage-free by 2025’ announcements. The seminar will be signposted at the Fair and is being held upstairs in Grandstand Suite, using the stairs adjacent to the main forum theatre, at 14.30 on 15 May.


Adam Henson will be chairing the Seminar and will also be on our stand at 10.30 & 12.30 in the morning to give members his advice on promoting free range eggs to the consumers and schools.