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23 April 2018

Free range payments – the future of farming?

The Government has produced its consultation on the future of farming policy post-Brexit (you can see it at https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/the-future-for-food-farming-and-the-environment and BFREPA will respond on your behalf. However, every member is also encouraged to respond individually – the more responses by farmers, the better.


Public funding is to be switched from direct payments to environmental and high welfare farming. The question for free range and organic producers (and thus BFREPA) to consider in this consultation is – do we want any of this public money? 


There are four main options:

  1. Support the RSPCA’s proposal to create a support scheme around high welfare assurance schemes such as RSPCA Assured/Freedom Food
  2. Develop an alternative broad-based support scheme
  3. Put forward priorities for targeted grants for specific welfare, disease, energy efficiency or productivity improvements
  4. Oppose any subsidies or forms of support


The BFREPA Steering Committee discussed the options on 12 April and is recommending Option 3 for further consideration by Council on 1 May. The Defra consultation closes on 6 May.