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23 April 2018

FSA clarify safety of non-Lion eggs

Following lobbying by Laid in Britain and the industry, the FSA has clarified its advice on the safety of non-Lion eggs, which members marketing their own eggs can forward to customers or to local Environmental Health Officers (please let me know if you need a copy). The letter says that:

The FSA intends to assess certain other UK egg production schemes to identify if they can produce outcomes equivalent to the Lion Code comprehensive quality assurance scheme (eggs that pose a ‘very low’ risk level). The results will be published on completion. At present for all other UK hen shell eggs, the risk level is ‘low’.

The FSA is taking forward the review of the other UK egg schemes and has commissioned two independent vets/microbiologists to carry out the work. The first meeting with Ian Lowery (Crowshall) and Peter Cargill (Wyatt poultry) took place on Thursday 19thto discuss the technical methods to be used in assessing against the Lion Code.