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1 November 2017

Chairman's Comment - November 2017

Council will be meeting over the coming weeks to discuss the recent AGM and Conference and to discuss potential improvements which may enhance the conference experience.
We shall shortly be putting a questionnaire to members for suggestions on improvement, and to understand how we can entice those free range producers who did not attend to take a day out of their busy schedule next year and join us.
There were some angry producers concerned that the Food Standards Agency have approved ‘runny eggs’ for Lion produced eggs only, and not for non-Lion UK eggs. I would like to point out that BEIC have a substantial budget to look after producers in the Lion scheme. Whilst everything they do reflects well on the whole UK egg industry, other schemes need to examine the lobbying that they do at Government level, and ensure that they are not disadvantaged by changes in advice that may affect their producers.
It was good to see the Poultry Council of Great Britain offering to help the egg industry tackle the bio-security ignorance in the keeping of backyard flocks at recent PHWG meetings. I understand they were well attended. We need to be inclusive and inventive if we are going to ensure that AI in backyard flocks does not grind the poultry industry to a halt in the event of an AI outbreak. The recent outbreak in a laying flock in Zeeland is less than a 3 hour drive from our shores, less than 250km as the bird flies, pretty frightening. I feel that it is not a matter of if, rather than when AI strikes our shores again. We need to be ready.