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1 January 2018

Chairman's Comment - January 2018

Whilst BFREPA has many platforms in which we communicate with members I want to improve the communication between council and members to demonstrate the hard work and commitment that council members make to direct your Association towards addressing the exceptional and everyday issues where producers need support.
In this issue I have asked the Ranger to print the agenda for the last council meeting and to be more progressive in communicating to members all meetings attended where it is possible to do so as we go forward into 2018.
Our text messaging service brings the latest developments to your phones before you read it elsewhere. As text messages are restrictive in content, Alison Bone expands on text messages or alerts of other urgent news with an email when required. Robert Gooch also presents all the rule changes and news disseminated during a month of intense meetings in-between Ranger publications with a CEO update. Our Ranger magazine is the first choice read of all free range producers. But we can and will do more to engage with producers and to ensure where possible, that producers are aware of the many ways we communicate.
At the last council meeting on the 5th December, we invited APHA to discuss with council their new proposals for traceability and egg stamping to combat problems identified during an AI crisis. I want producers to engage with their council representatives to ensure we are representing your interests but also making sure we get the balance right between different opinions on a wide range of subjects.
Our industry has grown from a niche product to a diverse range of products and producers, from multi-tier to flat deck, packers to self marketeers, coloured eggs, whole egg contracts and processing to shell egg. Whilst some solutions do not satisfy all producers we must ensure we get all producers views, so we can be sympathetic when making decisions.
Please, if you have not yet spoken to your regional representative on council make sure you make contact and they know the issues which are important to you.
By publishing council agendas, you can see the divergence of issues affecting our industry and at least know that they are being addressed. It also allows you to bring to our attention any issues affecting you which you feel we should be considering.
I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year.