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22 October 2003
4p increase needed now, says BFREPA

Picture: BFREPA chairman Tom Vesey In a meeting with the major packers BFREPA executives have spelled out the case for a four pence a dozen increas...

22 October 2003
Beak blunting trial shows early promise

As part of the Government’s response to a future ban on beak trimming Defra are currently funding trial work to discover whether a ‘beak blunting’ pro...

14 October 2003
Don't drop your salmonella guard, egg producers warned

Egg producers have been urged not to drop their guard as far as salmonella is concerned. "Eggs now have a healthy image and consumption is up by ni...

10 October 2003
Sainsbury’s to receive ‘Good Egg Award’

Sainsbury’s are delighted to learn that the British Free Range Egg Producers Association has nominated them for a ‘Good Egg Award’. The award will be ...

9 October 2003
Organic egg shortage is looming

The introduction of new EU standards threatens to create a major shortage of organic eggs. Changes to regulations covering feed, stocking rates an...

8 October 2003
Freshlay ends its egg marketing operation

Picture: Peter Dean, chairman of Deans Foods After a spell of seven years of direct marketing, Freshlay Foods - a subsidiary of WJ Watkins and Son ...

3 October 2003
Eating off the floor encourages intake

Traditional advice for setting the height of the chain feeder in a free range house has always been “level with the chickens’ back”, but in recent tim...

29 September 2003
The 2003 Conference puts focus on the farm

Cumbrian producer and packer David Brass, pictured here with wife Helen and daughters, will give delegates an insight into the demands of supplying s...

29 September 2003
Mite expert to address south west producers

Producers in the southwest will have the opportunity to hear about the MiteMonitor and red mite in general when ADAS pest manager Barbara Bell address...

29 September 2003
Keeping an eye on mite numbers

ADAS estimate that the annual cost of the red mite problem to the UK egg industry is in the region of £3.7 million. The biggest loss is believed to be...

29 September 2003
Organic producers form new network

Organic egg producers are linking together in an internet-based network. Their new organisation, the Organic Egg Network, is designed to share experie...

29 September 2003
The case for a price rise

David Tromans, Managing Director of Deans Foods The enthusiasm surrounding the improved egg market is being tempered by worries that producer margi...

26 September 2003
Sales booming and free range is a winner

The latest figures from retail analyst TNS show egg sales have rocketed in the first seven months of 2003. Sales of Lion eggs are up 9% and the total ...

26 September 2003
Safeway slams till on new organic costs

Organic producer Ian Howe Supermarket giant Safeway has refused to acknowledge the cost increases facing organic producers. The retailer has dis...

4 May 2007
Infectious Coryza

Cause The bacterium causing this disease is Hemophilus paragallinarum. Transmission The disease spreads from bird to bird and flock to flock by c...

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