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1 July 2014

Producer delight at priceless advice

In 2009 Geraint and Anabel Powell set up their free-range flock as part of a farm diversification project. Their farm near Kerry, Powys has been reaping the benefits ever since. The couple has been able to extract maximum value from their 16,000 strong Hy-Line Brown flock.

“The performance of our first flock has been a delight”, explained Geraint Powell.

“Pretty much all of our targets have been exceeded and the overall quality of the eggs has been exceptionally high.”

At 73 weeks of age the hens were laying an average of 322 eggs per bird with a mortality rate of less than 3%. The Hy-Line Brown also consumes less feed than the average bird. While some varieties can consume 130g per day, the Hy-Line Brown averages at about 120g, which represents a huge saving on food costs for the Powells across the entire flock. The lower food consumption results from the birds being exceptionally fit and fully feathered throughout their laying period.

Anabel said: “After observing these impressive results, we will be continuing to expand our Hy-Line Brown flock. Having a full set of statistics on hand at the end of each day has been a massive help too; it has allowed us to get the full picture of exactly how the hens are doing.”

In addition to the success the Powells have seen from the hens’ egg production, they have also been able to maximise the nutrient value in the flock’s manure. They identified the value in poultry manure and have been able to use it to deliver much needed nutrients to their grazing land at their Glanmeheli Farm.

Anabel Powell, added: “We would recommend diversification to any farming family, but it’s important to remember that when working with poultry every day is different and you can never know what’s around the corner. Thankfully we’re well supported.

“The assistance that we’ve received from Hy-Line UK has been fantastic and without all their help we couldn’t have achieved or success.”


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