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28 February 2012

Latest wholesale prices for eggs now available online

The Ranger now has the latest London wholesale market prices going back to 2005 in the Latest Market Data section on the website www.theranger.co.uk

The wholesale prices for eggs have been increasing recently as the egg market tightens. This new feature gives Ranger readers the very latest wholesale prices weekly when they need it.

The wholesale price for eggs this week is 103 pence for Very Large, 97 pence for large, 83 pence for Medium and 67 pence for Smalls. This week in 2011 the prices were 75 pence for Very Large, 45 pence for Large, 40 pence for Mediums and 38 pence for smalls.

Keep up to date with all the latest market data for eggs on www.theranger.co.uk


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