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28 May 2014

Director of Policy Report June 2014

The beak trimming (proposed) ban has been on everyone’s lips since last month’s Ranger revealed the breakdown of a second flock in the Government’s beak trimming trials. We make no excuse for focusing on it again this month as the policy implications churn through Government, scientists and policy-makers.

The Chairman’s report includes a link to a pack of information to help you lobby your MP. It is vitally important that you do that as the impact of the lobbying will be most felt if everyone in the industry writes at the same time. The combined databases of BEIC and NFU, alongside BFREPA, will ensure that the whole industry is mobilised to maximise our influence on Government.

Your letter to your MP should ask him or her to let the Minister know your views. In addition your Chairman has written directly to the Minister and this is published here, on page 9, as an open letter for all to see.

We have to accept that it is tempting for any Government to hedge making decisions until after an election – whether it is a referendum on the EU or banning beak tipping – but we will let you know the Government’s response as soon as we get it.


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