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17 May 2017

Cotswolds set to host first BFREPA Sustainability Seminar

Lloyds Bank Farming Ambassador Adam Henson

A report on the implications of UK retailers' commitment to cage-free eggs will be unveiled next month at a seminar organised by the British Free Range Egg Producers' Association (BFREPA).

All the country's major supermarkets and leading foodservice companies have said they will stop selling cage eggs by 2025. What will replace these eggs and the financial implications for producers are the subject of a study carried out by ADAS on behalf of BFREPA, and the interim findings will be disclosed at the 2017 BFREPA Sustainability Seminar. ADAS were commissioned by BFREPA to meet retailers and produce a report which will provide an in-depth assessment of the retailers plans and opinions on the lead up to the post 2025 egg market. The event will be attended by BFREPA sponsors, whose support has helped to fund this and other studies since the sponsorship scheme was launched in 2014.

The seminar is being held on June 29 at the farm of television farmer Adam Henson near Cheltenham. Jason Gittins, who has been conducting the cage-free study on behalf of ADAS, will outline his initial findings. His work has involved talking to retailers about their plans and attempting to forecast the balance of the market once the changes come into force. The study also covers pricing.

The seminar will provide the association's sponsors with a unique opportunity to see how their money has been spent - on important research, on market forecasting and on promoting free range eggs - since the sponsorship scheme was established.

Dr Vicky Sandilands will talk about the progress of another research project that has benefited from the sponsorship scheme. Her three-year study at SRUC in Scotland is assessing the welfare and economic benefits of flat deck and multi-tier production systems. Previous research work funded through the sponsorship has included a study on how to reduce the number of second quality eggs.

PR consultant Ben Pike will talk about the challenges of dealing with the media.

The event is being sponsored by ForFarmers and Lloyds Bank and takes place at Bemborough Farm, near Cheltenham - the farm of Adam Henson. Adam is a Lloyds Bank farming ambassador. ForFarmers Marketing Manager Tom Welham commented, “As one of our core values, sustainability is very important to ForFarmers, it is also important to our commitment For the Future of Farming and we are proud to be in partnership with BFREPA for the event”. Adam will take those attending the seminar on a farm tour.

The seminar is restricted to invitations only. Those attending will include free range egg producers, retailers and other members of the supply chain, as well as the sponsors who have helped to fund the BFREPA initiative.


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