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23 July 2015 |Viewed 902 times
Notifiable Avian Disease Control Strategy for Great Britain

This document describes how an outbreak of notifiable avian disease (NAD) in Great Britain (GB) would be managed and sets out the measures applied in ...

17 November 2014 |Viewed 779 times
Declaration of a Protection Zone

Earlier this evening the CVO confirmed a case of High Pathogenicity Avian Influenza (HPAI) in a duck breeding unit in East Yorkshire (near Driffield)....

14 December 2013 |Viewed 735 times
Rabobank Agri Commodities Outlook for 2014

Lower Prices as Stocks Build Agri commodity markets are expected to face headwinds as supply rebuilds, pressuring prices during 2014 and driving ...

6 November 2013 |Viewed 1273 times
BEIC Market Report: October 2013

BEIC Market Report: October 2013

6 November 2013 |Viewed 1293 times
BEIC Newsletter: Autumn 2013

BEIC Newsletter: Autumn 2013

23 October 2013 |Viewed 1133 times

2013's list of BFREPA Council members.

23 October 2013 |Viewed 1073 times
Nominations for Election to Council for 2013/14

Nominations for Election to Council for 2013/14 form

23 October 2013 |Viewed 1145 times
Nomination of BFREPA Council representatives for 2014

Please find enclosed a nomination form for the election of members to the BFREPA Council for 2014. In accordance with the association rules each regio...

7 August 2013 |Viewed 1049 times
Action Plan for organic poultry 2013

The way the vast majority of poultry are farmed in the UK today differs firmly from the organic principles that food should be produced ecologically, ...

3 July 2013 |Viewed 895 times
The relationship between supermarkets and suppliers:

This paper explores supermarket buyer power and the ways in which such power affects suppliers and consumers. It finds that the abuse of buyer pow...

26 August 2012 |Viewed 1302 times
No 8 - Cleaning and disinfection

Salmonella and other unwelcome pests such as red mite can survive in faeces, dust, cracks in the floor and walls. Disinfectants do not work well i...

26 August 2012 |Viewed 1331 times
No 7 - Fly & red mite control

Large numbers of flies or litter beetles can carry Salmonella between houses and consecutive flocks placed in the same house.

26 August 2012 |Viewed 1180 times
No 6 - Hand hygiene

Salmonella, and other pathogens, can contaminate hands after handling contaminated food, using toilets or handling items that have been contaminated b...

26 August 2012 |Viewed 1314 times
No 5 - Rodent control

Rodents can pick up traces of Salmonella from around the farm environment or from feed that may be too low a dose to infect birds.

26 August 2012 |Viewed 1242 times
No 4 - Site entry & tidiness

Anything or anyone who comes on to the site is potentially contaminated, especially if they have recently visited other poultry farms.

26 August 2012 |Viewed 1209 times
No 3 - Vaccination

Vaccination against Salmonella is important to help increase the threshold for infection by various routes. It is important to use a vaccination p...

26 August 2012 |Viewed 1281 times
No 2 - Boot hygiene

Salmonella, and other diseases, can be easily ‘walked' in' to a poultry house. Droppings of wild birds, foxes, badgers, pet and ...

26 August 2012 |Viewed 873 times
No 1 Protect your flocks, your business and British food

A series of leaflets for the poultry industry on major issues relating to Salmonella control in laying hens. The aim of the leaflets is to highlight t...

22 March 2013 |Viewed 847 times
Nutrient analysis of eggs – Sampling Report

  This survey provides information on the nutrient data composition for chicken eggs. 8 composite samples made up of different types of c...

22 March 2013 |Viewed 932 times
Nutrient analysis of eggs – Analytical Report

  This survey provides information on the nutrient data composition for chicken eggs. 8 composite samples made up of different types of c...