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SEPRA Market Report - 14th August 2015

The market, demand is certainly firming up in Scotland, we have a lot more tourists plus the Edinburgh Festival and all our own holidaymakers are returning.

South of the border demand and prices are also picking up, with the comment there might just be a steady rise until Christmas, there will be extra pullets coming into lay especially Free Range but with rising demand they might just slot into the market requirements.

Avian Influenza

DEFRA are suggesting that the cause of the Lancashire was a large duck pond with wild ducks nesting that the Free Range flocks had access to the water, with autumn getting ever closer with the migration of wetland birds coming down from Siberia it would be wise to deny any Free Range flocks access outside sources of open water, as wild ducks are mostly nocturnal and come visiting at night.

So Scotland is going GM free, not sure if this is good news or not with so much of our compound feed coming from England etc., but it is certainly a good PR move by our government.

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