24-03-2015 10:44 AM | Barn Comment(1)
Egg consumption on the up
The increasing popularity of eggs for dieters has been one of the key drivers for recent growth in egg consumption, according to British Lion eggs. Co...
20-03-2015 13:40 PM | News Comment(0)
Defra: banks must work collaboratively with farmers for long term success
UK food and farming has huge potential to be more competitive on a global scale. But that can only happen with strong collaboration between the banks,...
16-03-2015 17:39 PM | Energy Comment(0)
Beware Inheritance Tax risk on solar developments
Farmers with solar panels on their land should consider taking out life insurance to cover the potential Inheritance Tax liability, a leading farm acc...
16-03-2015 00:00 AM | Energy Comment(0)
Option agreements can yield benefits for farmers
Andrew Holden, head of Rural at Napthens solicitors in Penrith, has reported an increase over the last three years in the number of developers approac...
13-03-2015 00:00 AM | Energy Comment(0)
Fancy a drink?
Commercial breeds of poultry, in common with most poultry vets and many poultry keepers, like a drink! Adult laying hens in full production drink o...
Marks and Spencer market double yolker packs
Marks & Spencer is marketing boxes of guaranteed double yolk eggs as part of a high value offer to its customers. The retail giant put its British ...
09-03-2015 15:00 PM | Feed Comment(0)
‘Hendependence Day’ for US hens
Britain’s leading egg packing company, Noble Foods, has launched a transatlantic campaign to boost sales of higher welfare eggs in the United States. ...
09-03-2015 14:55 PM | Caged Comment(0)
Discussions needed as AI warnings fall short
An outbreak of avian influenza in Hampshire in February was identified using a trial ‘test for exclusion’ system that is due to be reviewed next month...
09-03-2015 14:48 PM | News Comment(0)
Flight to fright - MOD compensation pays out
The Ministry of Defence paid out more than £20,000 in compensation to British egg producers last year for losses caused by low flying. Payments to ...
09-03-2015 14:44 PM | News Comment(0)
BFREPA isotope testing protects members interests
The British Free Range Egg Producers’ Association (BFREPA) has begun a programme of egg testing using a new isotope fingerprinting technique. BFREP...
09-03-2015 10:06 AM | Breeders Comment(0)
Is free range heading for the perfect storm?
The January edition of The Ranger was full of market analysis and predications for the coming year. The volume of free range egg production increased ...
16-02-2015 10:59 AM | Bill Broody Comment(0)
Bill Broody - February 2015
Supermarket relationships with suppliers are under the spotlight again with the news that the Grocery Trade adjudicator under the leadership of Christ...
16-02-2015 10:53 AM | Feed Mill Comment(0)
Feed Mill - February 2015
The January USDA report came and went, almost without a squeak. The funds had been betting that the USDA would reduce the maize and soya acreage in li...
16-02-2015 10:50 AM | Barn Comment(0)
Exploring the benefits of multi-tier pullet rearing
Multi-tier aviary laying systems have become increasingly popular over the last few years with several types being adopted within the barn and free-ra...
16-02-2015 10:47 AM | Feed Comment(0)
TV chefs focus on pullet eggs
Organic egg producer Susie Macmillan appears to have sparked pent-up demand for pullet eggs after she went on television to reveal how the small eggs ...
16-02-2015 10:45 AM | Feed Comment(0)
‘Very significant’ Non-GM planting trend reported
Reports from the United States of a move amongst growers towards non-GM planting have been described as “very significant’ by the Soil Association. ...
16-02-2015 10:43 AM | News Comment(0)
Vet warns on antibiotic use
Poultry farmers will have to find ways of combating disease in their poultry with less use of antibiotics in the future. That is the view of leading v...
16-02-2015 10:41 AM | Barn Comment(0)
New brands expected to combat fall in profits
The Scottish producer and packer Farmlay Eggs saw profits fall by nearly 40 per cent in the last financial year, but the company is still pressing ahe...
16-02-2015 10:38 AM | News Comment(1)
Time needed to evaluate interventions
With a decision due this year on whether the Government should go ahead with a ban on beak trimming, Charlie Stephenson, a free range egg producer who...
20-03-2015 | Scottish Egg Producers Reports
SEPRA Market Report - 20th March 2015
The market is sort of balanced, Lion Code supplies are very tight and with Easter on the horizon might get tighter, and non-Lion Code are getting a bi...
17-03-2015 | Scottish Egg Producers Reports
SEPRA Market Report - 13th March 2015
The market is more than a bit frantic, although there is a no change situation it is because there isn’t much in the way of eggs to change hands...
06-03-2015 | Scottish Egg Producers Reports
SEPRA Market Report - 6th March 2015
The market, right now there is no market, as there is as good as no eggs available, certainly home produced ones.   Although it looks like a no...
02-03-2015 | Scottish Egg Producers Reports
SEPRA Market Report - 27th February 2015
The market to say there are not a lot of eggs about spare is an understatement, Lion Code are getting very scarce and everything else not far behin...
23-02-2015 | Scottish Egg Producers Reports
SEPRA Market Report - 20th February 2015
The market appears fairly stable there is just enough home produced to cover demand for home produced and Lion Code. Wholesale demand on the c...
16-02-2015 10:15 AM | Chairmans Comment
Chairman's Comment February 2015
We are almost at the end of January and yesterday’s news was all about the general election being only 100 days away. Normally this wouldn’t really ha...
23-01-2015 15:54 PM | Chairmans Comment
Chairman's Comment January 2015
Well what a Christmas - one that I will not forget for many reasons! But more than any other was the arrival of our first child Arabella on the 17th o...
05-11-2014 14:58 PM | Barn
A series of challenges for new BFREPA chairman
When the Ranger visited Myles Thomas he was less than two months away from becoming chairman of BFREPA and only six weeks ago he had placed a flock in...
16-02-2015 10:16 AM | Director of Policy
Policy Director Report - February 2015
It has now been over a month since Defra lifted movement restrictions around the Infected Premises (IP) following the H5N8 AI outbreak in Yorkshire. S...
23-01-2015 15:55 PM | Director of Policy
Policy Director Report - January 2015
At this time of year most industry commentators and analysts review 2014 and look forward to prospects for 2015. I am more than usually nervous of doi...
05-11-2014 14:35 PM | Director of Policy
Director of Policy Report November 2014
Observant readers of my column will have noticed the ever-increasing list of companies that are joining the BFREPA Sustainability Programme month by m...
02-09-2014 15:28 PM | Director of Policy
Director of Policy Report: September 2014
By the time you read this, you should have been made aware of the stories in the media about the number of trees that free range egg producers have pl...

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